In Memoriam

Edgar Mouton Jr

Edgar Mouton Jr

I was born in Mossville and lived most of my 73 years in this community. In the past, no one would go hungry in Mossville because the bayous and lake had lots of fish, and just about every family grew vegetables or fruits. But, the parish, state, and federal government have sacrificed Mossville to the big industrial companies that profit from poisoning our community. There is no place or person in Mossville that has not been harmed by the toxic chemicals spewed out by all of the industrial facilities. Instead of our government helping our community to become healthy, we see our government helping the industries to release more and more pollution.”

Edgar Mouton Jr., Mossville resident

In Memorium

  • Bessie Rigmaiden
  • Thelma Sullivan
  • Fred Sillivan
  • Bellzona Hunt
  • Edison Mayo
  • Debra Noel
  • Eddie Edwards
  • Margie Garland
  • Ruby Gwendolyn
  • Marlene Edwards
  • Alton Scott
  • Willie Hunt
  • Apelonia Sullivan
  • Helena Tillman
  • Buddy Braxton
  • William Sullivan
  • Nena Hernandez
  • Issac Clark
  • Allen Ryan
  • Diane Prince
  • Braxton Family
  • Tom Scott
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leoet
  • Flora Nelson
  • Norine Smith
  • Daisy Thompson
  • Ms. Garlick
  • “Slim” Jennings
  • John Porter
  • Grace Perkins
  • Evelyn King
  • Dorothy Robertson
  • Missy Porter
  • Al Smith
  • Bernell Perkins
  • Harden Delafosse
  • Hank Ringmaiden
  • Bernell Prater
  • Coco
  • Mr. and Mrs. Shepard
  • Preston Hunt
  • David Prince
  • Tenzo Fontenot
  • Mela Adam
  • Sonella Clark

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