Southern District EPA Promoting Mossville Land Theft

The Southern  EPA Region 6 office in Dallas, TX is promoting the land theft taking place in Mossville.  This is what the east side of Mossville has become:


The EPA Region 6 office is holding the Environmental Justice Summit in Dallas, Texas on August 9 – 10, 2016 that includes a panel session on Relocations & Buy-Outs: When, Where & How. EPA officials have refused the numerous requests by Mossville Environmental Action Now (MEAN) to speak on this panel. In fact, EPA officials have planned the panel session without the participation of any environmental justice advocate experiencing a community buy-out. Instead, EPA invited a representative of the SASOL Corporation to make a presentation about SASOL’s buy-out program in Mossville as a model for other communities. SASOL, which stands for South Africa Synthetic Oil Liquid, began as a state-owned company during the brutal era of racial apartheid in South Africa and is now taking land in Mossville to build hazardous industrial facilities.

See the complete new fact sheet on land theft,  Why is EPA Region 6 promoting the land theft of Mossville LA?

Check out the Fact Sheet Sasol Fact Sheet Final for more on Sasol, the apartheid era South African Oil Company.


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