Mossville Environmental Action Now, Inc. is a nonprofit organization working for more than 30 years on behalf of the residents of Mossville, Louisiana on multiple fronts: advocating for environmental justice, educating residents about the health and environmental impacts of toxic pollution; compelling federal and state environmental agencies to enforce human rights laws, and advocating for health services, relocation and pollution reduction to improve the lives and health of residents.

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We have tried every way to protect our community using environmental and civil rights laws, but the government has set it up so that we can’t get justice. Because we are fighting for our human rights to live and see our children grow up in a healthy environment, we need a major change in our government that stops the environmental destruction of Mossville and other communities of color. U.S. laws allow environmental racism, but human rights law prohibits this injustice.”

–Delma Bennett, Mossville resident

Delma Bennett

Delma Bennett